CBD of Denver Acquires Swiss Cannabis Wholesaler

CBD of Denver Acquires Swiss Cannabis Wholesaler

CBD of Denver, Inc., a full-line hemp oil and CBD company (“CBDD”) and the operator of the CBD Social Network, has announced that they have acquired Swiss cannabis company Rockflowr GmbH. CBD of Denver also produces and sells the popular Black Pearl CBD and hemp products.


CBD of Denver Goes International with Rockflowr GmbH

CBD of Denver, Inc. has taken another exciting step towards fulfilling its goals by acquiring Rockflowr GmbH, a wholesale cannabis business in Switzerland.

Rockflowr GmbH wholesales CBD oil, cannabis flower, cannabis biomass, and other products sold at retail outlets. These cannabis products are sold to other wholesalers as well as retail outlets throughout the central parts of Switzerland as well as Germany, France, Italy, and other EU countries that are allowed to sell CBD. Rockflowr GmbH is ideally positioned in Europe with a successful, continuous operation, as well as sole partnerships with cannabis farmers throughout Europe.

During the last 3 months alone, Rockflowr GmbH has generated more than 1,000,000 Swiss Francs in revenue. That’s around $1,040,000 in US dollars. The company will also market the cannabis flower and biomass grown by Welt 24 GmbH which was acquired in late May; Welt 24 operates indoor growing facilities in Switzerland.

Welt 24s’s first harvest is expected to produce 25-30 kilos of high-quality smokable flower and biomass which can be made into CBD oil. By July, Welt 24 should have a harvest every month. Currently, in Switzerland, high-quality cannabis flower sells for $1,600-1,700 a kilo. The company is also acquiring a second greenhouse that has twice the growing capacity of the present growing facility. This should double or even triple the harvests.

CBD of Denver is now active in every aspect of the Swiss cannabis market and is ideally positioned to benefit from the anticipated growth in the Swiss, and European, cannabis market.


CBDD Expects to Complete More Acquisitions

CBD of Denver’s CEO, Marcel Gamma states, “We are very excited about the acquisition of Rockflowr GmbH. It will add to our revenue base as well as advance future acquisitions. We anticipate increasing revenues from Rockflowr.”

Gamma further stated, “CBDD is ceaselessly focused on using our equity to acquire even more profitable Swiss cannabis assets at an attractive price, creating even more value for our shareholders.”

Switzerland is a relatively new market for CBD products, having just recently legalized growing, manufacturing, and using hemp. Since Switzerland is several years behind the United States when it comes to CBD, there is exponential room for growth.

Swiss Industries Ventures, AG, CBD of Denver’s controlling shareholder, is devoting much of its resources to expanding CBDD’s revenue streams. “This is only the beginning,” said Marcel Gamma. “We have the business personnel and expertise to make this a success story. Moreover, we won’t rest until we have reached our goal of opening many grow facilities, retail outlets, an extraction lab, as well as expanding our wholesale operations with CBDD. Swiss Industries is quickly positioning itself as a leading player in the Swiss CBD industry. With the knowledge, help, and contacts CBD of Denver brings to Switzerland, we are confident we will have success.”


0% THC Products Produced by CBD of Denver

CBD of Denver offers top of the Black Peral line of CBD products; these are full spectrum without any THC to activate the cannabidiol. Black Pearl CBD contains 0% THC, resulting in a product that is the finest in the industry. This is ideal for the Swiss cannabis market, as Swiss law demands that cannabis products contain less than 1% THC.

The CBDD lab is currently working with ICF Industries, Inc. to bring THC Free products to the market. ICF Industries is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Here To Serve Holding Corp. In turn, ICF has formed Greenhouse Industries, a division that will serve the wholesale hemp flower market.