Mota Ventures Quickly Becoming a Major Player in CBD and Psychedelic Medicine

Mota Ventures Quickly Becoming a Major Player in CBD and Psychedelic Medicine

Mota Ventures Corp is a new, vertically integrated psychedelic medicine and CBD company with operations in Europe, North America, and South America.

The Vancouver-based company had its beginnings in Colombia, when in December 2019, the company transformed from Primary Energy Metals into Mota Ventures after acquiring Columbian cannabis producer NNZ Consulting Corp. Another Columbian cannabis company Mota acquired has a 2.5-hectare cannabis farm and a 2,000 square-foot research and development lab.

In Europe, Mota owns Verrian Ontario Ltd, a psychedelic medicine company. Mota Ventures also has a binding agreement to purchase Unified Funding, an e-commerce platform, and retailer of natural health products in Europe and the US, including CBD. Mota also owns First Class CBD of Wyoming, an online retailer which was operated by Unified Funding.


Mota’s CBD Brands

Mota owns the very popular brand, Nature’s Exclusive, that offers CBD oil, CBD pain relief cream, CDB skin serum, CBD gummies, and CBD coffee. Nature’s Exclusive CBD oil is made from US-grown hemp, and sold in both the US and Europe.

In Europe, Mota sells the Satividia brand, which features award-winning 100% organic CBD oils and cosmetics. The products are sold throughout Austria, Germany, Spain, Portugal, France, and the UK. Satividia also sells its CBD products online retailer in Mexico.

Mota also has a 50-50 joint venture with BevCanna Enterprises Inc, giving Mota the exclusive rights to sell BevCanna brands in Europe for five years.

Finally, Moto has a 20% interest in Folium Life Sciences Inc; Folium Life Sciences is building a licensed indoor cannabis greenhouse on Vancouver Island.


Quickly Creating a Global Footprint

Since its formation in December 2019, Mota has aggressively moved to grow through strategic partnerships and acquisitions. In just a months, Mota has established operations in both Europe and the Americas and Europe, as a part of its strategy to become a major player in the medical psychedelic and CBD industries.

In the first half of 2020, Mota has spent more than $85 million on acquisitions, quickly creating a worldwide network of CBD cultivation and extraction facilities, well-known CBD brands, and online sales channels.

It spent $32 million in Canada for First Class CBD and $2.2 million in US dollars for the Satividia brand. The Satividia deal included an earn-out component of three milestone payments based on revenue.

Mota’s biggest expenditure to date is the $45 million purchase of global online retailer United Funding. United Funding earns revenue from marketing, licensing, and product fees selling natural health brands, including nutraceutical, skincare, essential oils, and CBD.

The purchase of United Funding gives Mota a database of over 1 million customers who have generated $375 million since 2015. It also allows Mota to develop new products, as well as expand into new healthcare markets.


Psychedelics are a Burgeoning Market

Mota has spent $20 million to establish a foothold in the burgeoning psychedelics market, both natural (psilocybin mushrooms) and manmade (LSD) among others. Psychedelics have shown promise in treating mood disorders such as anxiety and depression, as well as substance-abuse disorders.

In June, the company closed an acquisition of Verrian GmbH, which specializes on treating opiate and alcohol abuse with psychedelics. Verrian has a massive 110,000 square-foot pharmaceutical manufacturing plant located in Radebuel, Germany.

Also, Mota recently raised over $4.5 million in financing for the necessary capital to purchase psychedelic companies with expanding revenue streams.


Mota’s Management Team

At the beginning of the year, Mota named Ryan Hoggan, the founder of First Class CBD, and an e-commerce expert, as its new CEO. Former CEO Joel Shacker transitioned to company president and remains on the board of directors. Roger Cassidy Clinton, former US President Bill Clinton’s brother, sits on the advisory board for Verrian.

The demand for Mota’s Nature’s Exclusive CBD and First Class CBD products is growing, in part due to an increase in online shopping as result of the coronavirus shutdowns and stay-at-home orders.

In March, First Class CBD had sales of $4,290,000, an impressive 235% year-over-year jump. Likewise, First Class CBD earned 20,959 new customers. In May, Nature’s Exclusive CBD posted record revenue of $5,141,000, up 110% year-over-over. Nature’s Exclusive also added 23,141 new during May alone.


Mota Inflection Points

  • On track to achieve 2020 goals
  • Realize supply chain efficiencies to reduce product costs
  • Increase investment in customer acquisition and retention
  • Expand First Class’s existing operations in the US and Europe

“I am very pleased that our Nature’s Exclusive CBD brand has had another monthly sales record. We expanded in the United States, and our we have a very positive outlook for the second half of fiscal 2020,” Ryan Hoggan, Mota Ventures CEO said recently. “We are on track to achieve our goals for 2020 despite the current economic turmoil.”