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Please do not send in requests for free guest posts. We will NOT reply to any of these emails. If you’re looking to advertise and reach our audience please check the information below. Advertising fees are NOT negotiable.  


Propel your CBD brand with rich-media and high-impact display advertisements


By 2024, the CBD market will be worth more than $20 billion. Achieving business growth in the ultra-competitive CBD industry comes down to who has the best content strategy. 


With social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Google restricting cannabis-related promotions, you need to get creative when advertising your CBD brand.


Enter DailyCBDMag, a trustworthy online platform where you can safely talk to your core customers. 


Every day, thousands of hemp lovers come to our website to read about industry trends and the latest clinical studies. Most of them, however, are eager to discover the next-best CBD product and its therapeutic benefits.


They are ready for you!


Every ad and banner you display on DailyCBDMag’s website will automatically be seen by people who are already scouring the web for products similar to yours.


Recent research shows that Americans search online for information on CBD more than any other health product. But instead of finding valuable content, they are bombarded with obnoxious and intrusive ads.


We’ll help you avoid your competitor’s mistakes.


Rather than simply posting your ads, we’ll take it a step further and harmoniously weave them into captivating content that appeals to hemp enthusiasts, producers, and consumers alike. This will ensure that readers willingly and happily spend time interacting with your ad and message.


Whether you want to promote a new line of products, announce a brand partnership or

encourage new customers to take advantage of discounts, we’ll help you expand your market reach and generate high-quality leads.


Pricing starts at $1,000 / month for a sponsored banner. 


Entice new customers with thought-provoking content 


Brand trust has become a key factor in consumers’ purchasing decisions. One of the best ways to create trust with your audience is through content.


When done right, content marketing can position your business as an industry expert. And it will shorten the customer path to purchase. 


When you create educational content that explains to your prospective customers how your products will enhance their wellbeing, selling will take care of itself.


At DailyCBDMag we’ll collaborate with you to produce relevant articles and well-researched studies focused around buy-oriented keywords that your targeted customers type as a search query when they intend to make a purchase. 


Our professional SEO writers will also make sure your sponsored posts appear at the top of Google search result pages, significantly increasing your conversion rates.


Whether you have a blog post about the potency of CBD on alleviating disease symptoms or an infographic explaining the differences between cannabinoids, we’ll work with you to create SEO-optimized content that encourages click-throughs and generates more leads.


Editorial fees (editing and fitting your content for our niche and style guide) start at $300. 


Connect with us to find out more about our partnership opportunities. Email us at for details.