4 Must-Have Smoking Accessories

4 Must-Have Smoking Accessories

The classic rolled-up fat will always be there but it’s also worth it to try different accessories, especially, those that make the experience easier and better. With the legalization of smoking weed in many states, we have seen a lot of innovation coming from the industry resulting from competition of hemp-related suppliers. Though many are trivial, some of these items or accessories have proven to be essential in having a great smoke, here are is a must-have list you should have:


1) Grinder

Having a trusty multi-purpose grinder that you can take with you can make preparing and storing your herbs a breeze. While many products are designed to be two or three-piece grinders, according to Hemper.com, a 4 piece grinder really hits the sweet spot. These accessories look similar with two components to grind the bud on top, which is then captured by a screen and finally a pollen kief to catch the fine grounds. The sleek design keeps the look low-profile but this unassuming box proves that what counts is what’s on the inside.

2) Storage Containers

You should really ditch the cliche plastic bag when carrying your weed. If you’re carrying one in public, an odor-proof bag or a dugout is an appropriate choice. But it’s also important that you have proper storage at home to keep all of your herbs fresh. You can buy specialized mason jars or any other cannabis-focused containers.

If you want to keep it simple when going outside, then a specialized dugout does not only bring function but also comes with style. A one-hitter usually has space for one joint and a lighter. However, if you feel like you’re going to need more than one joint then you’re going to need some discreet odor-proof bags to hide the pungent aroma of cannabis.

3) Water pipe or Bong

Regardless if you prefer a bong or a water pipe, sometimes a smooth hit is all that we need. The water from the bong or pipe takes away dry heat making each hit cooler, full, and smoother than a rolled joint. If you’re a newcomer then this is a great way to ease yourself into each session until you can take a hit from a rolled fatty. Experts recommend using ceramic or glass materials over plastics to minimize chemical inhalation due to the heat. This table-top accessory is great for chilling or lounging in at home or for when you want to have some alone time to retreat from the noise of the outside world.


4) Multi-Tool

This revolutionary device makes the lives of everyone who partakes a whole lot easier. It can also include tools for some of the most basic things in our daily life like a knife, screwdriver, corkscrew, bottle opener, and many more. But what you really need are the smoker specialty tools like the pipe sleeve, pipe cleaner, a pipe, and a roach clip. If you spend a lot of time outdoors or you constantly travel, then it’s going to be hard to think of a time when you haven’t had your trusty Smoker’s Swiss Army Knife

Your consumption and preference will ultimately decide on what you think is essential to your smoking needs. But the items above are intrinsically valuable for any smoker regardless of how long they’ve been doing it. One last tip: since you’re going to use them often, you might want to invest in products that offer great quality and would last for a long time.