3 important factors to consider when buying Cannabis Concentrates

3 important factors to consider when buying Cannabis Concentrates

If you’re just getting started with the world of marijuana, you’ve likely already figured out that it’s as simple as smoking herb. Just like there are various strands of marijuana to consume for different effects, the ways through which you can use marijuana can be infinite. You can smoke it, vape it, or even eat it. Moreover, you can use it in different forms, such as dried flowers, edibles, or concentrates. Concentrates have become especially popular, despite certain regulatory challenges, thanks to both their versatility and potency. If you’re wondering how you can make the most out of your dabbing experience, here’s a brief guide to help you pick out the best cannabis concentrate. 


What Are Concentrates?

Before we dive into different types of concentrates, it’s important to understand what concentrates are in the first place. You can probably get the main idea from the name: they’re the concentrated part of the plant that delivers the best effects. As a plant, cannabis (or marijuana) contains a lot of parts and ingredients. However, not all parts of the plant are equally potent; there are flowers, roots, and the body of the plant. Each part contains a certain amount of the active substances, and that’s how the plant can get you high. 

Out of all the substances found in the cannabis plant, THC is the one responsible for the high. Concentrates are created by extracting this substance from the plant while getting rid of the remaining ineffective substances. The result is a concentrate of very high purity, ranging from 70% up to 90% in the purest concentrates. That’s why only little amounts are needed for the concentrate to get you on cloud 9. 

However, not everything else is completely useless in the plant. For the THC to deliver its desired effect, certain amounts of terpenes, other active ingredients found in the plant, are necessary. Depending on the kind of terpenes found in the strain, you can feel energized, relaxed, or enjoy other health benefits from consuming marijuana. 


How to Buy the Best Cannabis Concentrate?

You should have expected it when you came across various kinds of marijuana, but concentrates have a world of options on their own. This can make choosing the right concentrate quite a hassle, especially if you have no previous experience in this world. In this case, your best course of action will be to ask the budtenders in a dispensary directly about their recommendations. 

That can be easy in places like Denver, Colorado, seeing to how they’re the pioneers of serving legal cannabis to the public. However, the experts at Makena Dispensary point out that, although recreational use of marijuana is legal in the state, there are still strict regulations regarding its delivery. That means you can only buy in-store concentrates or other forms of marijuana, while cannabis delivery services are still limited to medical uses. 


Factors to Consider When Buying Concentrates

If you want to experiment a bit more with the concentrates and explore different options, then it’s worthwhile to know the factors you need to consider when making your choice. Basically, there are three main factors that could affect your choice: the effect you desire to get out of the concentrate, the method you’ll be using it, and whether you want to process it yourself or get it ready for use. 

1) Desired Effect

Terpenes are responsible for the variety of effects you can experience while using marijuana, regardless of which form you choose. These terpenes are present in different strains. For instance, limonene terpene, found in Super Lemon Haze and Lemon Skunk, makes you feel more energized. Myrcene is found in White Widow and Blue Dream strains, and it helps you feel relaxed and sedated. If you’re looking for boosting creativity and alertness, then you’ll want to try the Trainwreck and Bubba Kush strains for their pinene content. 

2) Method of Use

The kind of concentrate you use will likely depend on your preferred method of use. The primary method of using concentrates is dabbing. Most dabbers like the technique because it delivers the punch while easing down on the burnt flavor that’s common with smoking. It may take some time to hit the spot, but little amounts are sufficient to pack a good punch. 

If you already have some hash and want to add a punch, then you can get some wax and use the bowl topping technique. Bowl topping means adding the concentrate (which is usually in a wax form) to your bong or pipe while heating the flower, or to your joint or blunt while rolling. Some people like to substitute the flower with bubble hash, which is another kind of concentrate that’s similar to flowers in its combustion properties. 

Lastly, inhaling cannabis concentrates through vaping has become wildly popular recently. This can be done using basic vape pens in which you can add a concentrate oil cartilage or fill its chamber with the oil. Just like normal vapes, all you need to do is inhale and let the vape pen do its job of turning the oil into vapor. However, if you want to preserve the terpenes and existing cannabinoids, it’s better to get a specialized vape pen that allows you to set the temperature. 

3) For DIY Enthusiasts

Buying the concentrate from a dispensary is easy and preserves your peace of mind. However, for the DIY enthusiasts who get their pleasure from making their concentrates themselves, they’ll do better by getting the raw ingredients and extracting the concentrates on their own. DIY extraction usually follows a solventless extraction process through which they can make dry sift, bubble hash, and rosin. Some advanced DIYers can even make oil distillates from the raw ingredients. 

Finding the right kind of cannabis concentrate can be difficult, especially when you’re a newbie who’s just getting introduced to the wonders of the marijuana world. Instead of diving headfirst into the myriad of confusing terminology and overwhelming forms, it’s better to determine the factors upon which you can make a good choice. After you consider the desired effect, the method of use, and whether you want to try doing-it-yourself, you’ll be able to get the concentrate that suits your mood.