Boulder vet opens CBD company to help other vets

Boulder vet opens CBD company to help other vets

A veteran from Boulder is helping fellow ex-servicemen through his knowledge of CBD.

Craig Henderson, an ex infantryman in the US Army, went to college to study business and learn about the health benefits of CBD oil.

From there he set up Extract Labs, a CBD medicinal company, from his garage in the hopes of putting the leadership skills he learned in the army to good use.

Speaking to Denver CBS Local, Henderson said his time in the army had a much bigger effect on him than he originally realized. He said, “My parents were really young when they had me. My dad was a full-time Marine Corps. He’s extremely patriotic. He always encouraged the military, always talked about the military which is definitely the reason I decided to join the military.”

“It was just a lot. I really didn’t understand a lot of what I was going through until later in life.”

After four years serving during Operation Iraqi Freedom, Henderson discovered that CBD could help men like himself find relief from the trauma experienced during their time in the army.

He said, “You know a lot of people when they get out of the military, they’re injured. They suffer from insomnia, PTSD, and there are studies that show that CBD and cannabis, in general, helps with all these ailments.”

“I saw an opportunity with my education and my leadership training from the military. I thought that this might be a great opportunity for me to get out there and be an entrepreneur.”

Extract Labs has since grown to hire 40 employees in its Colorado headquarters, and a second lab has now been opened in Kentucky to keep up with ever-growing demand.

It sells CBD oil separately alongside beginner, intermediate, and advanced bundles, plus CBD for pets and soft gels.

Many of the company’s products can be taken in microdoses which are designed to keep the amount of CBD in the body easier to regulate. Microdosing is said to be easier on the body and helps to mitigate peaks, meaning the effects of CBD are much more manageable and sustained.

Recognizing that it hasn’t been easy, the entrepreneur has said his products have helped many who sacrificed their own freedom for years to regain it through a healthier lifestyle.

Henderson said: “My dad uses it. My grandpa, who is also a Marine Corps veteran, swears by it.”

It is thought that CBD could be highly beneficial for seniors as it may help to relieve pain, improve sleep, improve bone strength, and increase appetite. Research has even suggested that CBD may be beneficial to those with Alzheimer’s disease as it has neuroprotective properties that can combat such things as neurodegeneration, neurotoxicity, neuroinflammation, and oxidative damage.

Henderson added that his CBD products don’t guarantee to solve all problems and encourages the public to do their own research into CBD. In a salute to the services, veterans also receive a lifetime discount of 25%.