Cannabis Suisse Is Launching Some Cool CBD Products – What We Know

Cannabis Suisse Is Launching Some Cool CBD Products – What We Know

2020 has been an intense year so far.

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted people all over the globe, causing a lot of disarray and chaos. Many people are working from home or are on furlough leave, with other key workers being put into stressful working circumstances.

It’s not all negative, though. It’s worth praising the community for banding together to protect one another and praising industries for continuing to produce things for their audiences to enjoy. Some industries have stood out particularly this year in regards to adaptability and innovation, one of these being the cannabis sector.

Here at the Daily CBD Magazine, we’re always on the hunt for new and intriguing products to talk about. Whether it’s a new type of CBD gummy, CBD oil, or a cannabis tea, we’re all ears. This month, we were delighted to see that Cannabis Suisse Corp announced a new range of products for their customers to enjoy.

If you haven’t heard of Cannabis Suisse before, they’re a cannabis research, cultivation, and distribution company based in Switzerland, as noted here by Bloomberg. They offer a huge range of products and services, including vape juice, CBD oil, and smoking herbs.

As announced in this Stockopedia article, Cannabis Suisse has just come out with a range of pre-rolled cannabis joints. These joints are based on the V1 cannabis strain and are made with the highest quality ingredients. They feature RAW brand rolling papers, which is great, as this brand is known for producing incredible smoking papers.

The V1 cannabis strain is very popular with CBD fans, as it features a high percentage of CBD and a low percentage of THC. This means that it can calm and soothe, without any potential risk for anxiety or paranoia. It’s used by all sorts of smokers and CBD fans, covering every use from recreation to anxiety management.

People describe the V1 strain as being very pleasant to smoke, noting that it has notes of citrus embedded deep within it. It’s quite pungent and easy to recognize. The V1 strain is calming and mild, yet still packs enough of a punch to be worth checking out.

This choice of strain is perfect for pre-rolled joints. Customers looking for easy and quick ways to smoke will appreciate the calming, mild effects that the V1 strain can bring. It’s not too overwhelming or intense and is a strain that many people would recommend for newer smokers as a starting point.

In general, the reception to this product seems to have been incredibly positive online. Pre-rolled joints are becoming more and more popular nowadays, as modern consumers look for convenience from reliable brands. They’re great for newer smokers, especially if they’re crafted to as high of a quality as the ones from Cannabis Suisse.

If you’re planning to use items like pre-rolled joints, do make sure to do your research first. Check the legality in your location, and check that the seller is verified too. Make sure to only smoke cannabis if it won’t interfere with any existing health conditions or medications.

It will be fascinating to see where Cannabis Suisse ends up by the end of the year. They’re impressing the online CBD and cannabis immensely with their top quality products, and are sure to have some other interesting pieces in the pipework. This is a brand that we’ll be watching with great interest as 2020 progresses.

Generally speaking, it will be interesting to see where the cannabis and CBD industries end up by the end of the year as well. This year has been strange and unfamiliar for so many sectors across the world, but the natural medicine community has still managed to thrive. It’s going to be a busy year for CBD and cannabis companies, that’s for sure.

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