8 CBD Benefits For Seniors

8 CBD Benefits For Seniors

The connection between CBD and seniors’ health continued to get stronger. To give more validity to this claim is a recent study that determined that 89% of the seniors surveyed indicated that they would recommend CBD to their family and friends for health-related purposes. It means that the shift to all-natural remedies has reached all generations and that as education on the benefits of CBD continues, we are all learning to discover that therapeutic plants can help us.


What Is CBD?

CBD is short for Cannabidiol which is one of over 114 different compounds found in the cannabis family of plants. Hemp and marijuana are members of that plant family and hemp contains the highest concentrations of CBD. Marijuana contains higher amounts of THC, the compound that gives you a high. There is little or no THC in the hemp plant and researchers are still discovering the many health benefits that come from using products that contain CBD.


CBD For Seniors

 CBD happens to be very easy to use. This makes it a perfect product for seniors. CBD is found in many different formats, as well. One of the most popular ways to consume it is in an oil (tincture) form. Drops can be applied under the tongue, added to food and beverages or even rubbed into the skin. Seniors find using drops an easy and simple way to get CBD into their system to treat one of a long list of ailments the compound has positively impacted.


Here is a list of 8 of the benefits of CBD for seniors.


1 – Pain Relief

pain relief

CBD has had a long connection as a tool used in various forms of pain management. Cannabinoids are known to be rather effective in the treatment of chronic pain in particular. More specifically, pain caused by arthritis, muscle aches, strains, and cardiovascular issues can all be relieved somewhat with CBD.

The cannabinoids interact with the CB1 and CB2 receptors in cells. Each cell in your body has these receptors and CBD stimulates them in such a manner that they produce healthy cells. This reduces inflammation and swelling with is the cause of much joint and muscle pain.

Studies have verified the connection between CBD and pain management. They have also shown that the topical application of CBD gel is more effective in delivering pain relief than taking it orally. Plus, CBD is natural and results in no side effects. Prescription pain relievers can become addictive.


2 – Improves Sleep

improves sleeping

Seniors can suffer from sleep disorders ranging from difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep or having a good night’s sleep. Sleep disorders can cause problems to your health and quality of life if you feel tired all day but cannabinoids are very effective in taking on sleep issues ranging from insomnia to any other sleep problem.

Typically anxiety or pain can result in sleep disorders. CBD helps to relax and calm the mind so that you can gently fall asleep and will assist in improving REM sleep. CBD can also provide relief from PTSD-caused nightmares and sleep apnea.

CBD provides that calming effect which essentially helps you to ‘turn off’ your active mind and get some rest. Worrying about things can keep the mind working overtime but CBD use will help to reduce those concerns and quiet your mind down to promote sleep.


3 – Alzheimer’s Disease/Dementia

Alzheimer’s Disease/Dementia

Brain health is one of the many interesting benefits to come from CBD to the point where research has discovered a connection between it and the positive effect it has on reducing the risk of some mental diseases. These include Alzheimer’s Disease and various forms of dementia.

Psychological changes in the brain have been identified as being responsible for many of these debilitating mental health issues. CBD has neuroprotective properties that can combat such things as neurodegeneration, neurotoxicity, neuroinflammation, and oxidative damage – all of which contribute to the onset of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

When CBD interacts with the CB1 and CB2 receptors in brain cells, it can halt the development of any of these neurological disorders. In a way, the cannabinoids introduce a protective layer that prevents these damaging issues from developing into problems.


4 – Glaucoma


One of the most incredible ways that CBD can assist with seniors’ health is how it can be used to fight the development of glaucoma. The prevention of this eye condition with CBD use has been verified by several different studies over the past few decades.

It works in this way: the intraocular pressure (IOP) in the eye is lowered with the introduction of cannabinoids and the already-mentioned neuroprotective properties of CBD also go to work in treating glaucoma. It results in better eye health and a reduction in the risk of developing an eye condition.

Where the reduction of IOP can be most beneficial is in the later stages of development of glaucoma. This is where CBD use would likely be the most effective treatment. The results are most effective through the use of CBD-infused eye drops.


5 – Anxiety/Depression


It has been mentioned that CBD can assist with sleep disorders caused by anxiety and mental health. Cannabinoids have been used by seniors and individuals of all ages to assist with treating stress, anxiety, and depression and it works in many different ways to combat these issues.

Because cannabinoids contain elements that provide anti-depressant effects, it can reduce anxiety and provide a feeling of wellbeing. When you feel better about yourself and your situation, depression disappears and can be pushed away into the distance.

Studies have shown that CBD can be effective as a form of treatment for many different types of anxiety-based disorders ranging from PTSD and OCD to social anxiety and any other form of nervousness. For the high percentage of seniors dealing with depression, CBD provides an affordable and easily accessible option to treat this as well.


6 – Bone Strength

Bone Strength

Bone density decreases as we age and this can be a leading cause in bone fractures and bone diseases such as osteoporosis which can increase the fragility of bones and bone structures. CBD has a surprising benefit to seniors related to bone strength. Studies have shown that cannabinoids work in assisting with bone healing and the preservation of healthy bones.

The cannabinoids found in CBD interact with the CB1 and CB2 receptors found in bone tissue cells. The interaction stimulates new bone growth which increases bone health over time. This is an essential benefit for seniors who are experiencing bone density issues.

To that end, CBD has also been so effective in the treatment of bone issues that it is believed to contribute to the reversal of bone loss. For individuals aged 65 and older, this is an exciting development that can mean that CBD use will help to maintain bone health as well as overall health.


7 – Increase Appetite

Increase Appetite

One of the most common health issues facing seniors has to do with the amount of food they eat. It has nothing to do with an increase but everything to do with a decrease. Typically, seniors living alone lack the means, interest or motivation to prepare a large meal if it is just to be consumed by one person.

Eventually, the amount of food a senior will eat drops as they slowly lose their appetite. Eating regularly, and healthy meals are essential for them to maintain a healthy body as well as age. CBD use can assist with appetite issues and may even make food more enjoyable to consume.

Add to this the fact that CBD may also provide an increase in metabolism, which will help in reducing fat mass, and you have the recipe for good health. CBD has been used as a treatment to stimulate the appetite of individuals who suffer from HIV/AIDS and has been successful in this specific application.


8 – Heart Disease

heart disease

Seniors suffer from a long list of heart problems such as heart disease and cardiovascular illnesses. They often lead to death if left unchecked and although eating a healthy diet and exercising at least a little can all contribute to maintaining good health, research has pointed to CBD as helping with heart disease treatment.

Studies have confirmed a positive connection between CBD and cardiovascular health. Essentially, the cannabinoids work to prevent vascular damage which then reduces the risk of developing various types of cardiovascular diseases and illnesses.

This means that CBD can assist seniors in fighting off the possibility of developing diabetes or some forms of cancer. A healthy and strong cardiovascular system is vital to a long and happy life and the cannabinoids contained in CBD can work to remedy this and help build and strengthen your cardiovascular system.


CBD vs. Medications

There are several differences between CBD and medications. The biggest difference is probably what both are made of. CBD is derived from the hemp plant and is an all-natural compound found in the cannabis family of plants. Medications contain chemicals, synthetics, and some natural ingredients.

CBD does not require a prescription, is easy to access from licensed CBD retailers and is far less costly than many different medications. Medications often require a prescription but even the over-the-counter medication is costly and you have to be careful to not take medications that may counteract with each other or cause side effects.

CBD comes in many different forms ranging from oils to gels, creams, and edibles. You can easily pick a format that works best for you. Medications also come in many different formats and depending on your specific needs, you may find one that works best for you.

CBD can be used as a treatment for several different ailments as outlined above. This makes cannabinoids a sensible option when treating more than one condition. Medications usually just treat a single condition which means several different medications are required to treat all the issues that CBD can remedy alone.


Will Seniors Continue To Use CBD?

When you consider than many entering their senior years were growing up in the 1960s and 1970s, alternative treatments for health conditions are not out of the norm for these individuals. This age group is more accepting of the possibilities presented by alternative treatments as indicated in the first part of this article.

According to Kyro, seniors today are not the same as they were a few decades ago. We are living longer thanks to advances in medical science. Seniors are generally more active and connected to ways to stay healthy that do not always depend on medicines. Holistic approaches are more common and that has opened the door to CBD receiving the amount of acceptance that it has to date.


Will CBD Become Seniors Only Treatment?

With all the health benefits that CBD offers, it will most certainly not be restricted to use only by seniors. Currently, CBD is available and being used by pain sufferers of all ages. There have also been studies that have shown it to be effective in treating epilepsy in small children. The future of CBD is yet to be realized as more scientific research is required to fully understand the potential of this hemp product.


In Conclusion

Seniors’ health has been positively impacted in a big way thanks to the many uses of CBD. CBD is just one of many different cannabinoids contained in plants from the cannabis family. The hemp plant part of that family contains the highest concentration of CBD where the marijuana part of that family contains high amounts of THC.

As a result, CBD has been manufactured from hemp for many years. Only recently have the many health benefits for seniors from CBD use been discovered. It is still a relatively new treatment entering the mainstream but the benefits from its use make it a substance of interest.

 Although the healthcare industry is still slow to fully accept CBD as a viable treatment for many different health issues, studies are showing that it does have a great deal of promise. Eventually, CBD will be as commonplace as aspirin and other over-the-counter medications.