What To Look For In New CBD Brands In 2021 

What To Look For In New CBD Brands In 2021 

Cannabidiol or CBD is said to have become popular in recent times because of the wave of legalizations of cannabis plant usage worldwide. In most countries, there’s usually an authoritative body established to ensure the safety of substances like drugs, biological products, cosmetics, and medical devices through close regulation. However, there aren’t any standards set yet encompassing CBD-based products. 

Henceforth, it’s the responsibility of a consumer to identify what products possess superior quality and are more effective than others. This process can be easy for experienced buyers despite the wide range of products available in the market today. 

Yet selecting a high-grade CBD product can be challenging for novice shoppers. One way to easily look for information over the Internet. For example, you can check out “CBD Puroil” on the web along with other similar terms by doing a quick search. Alternatively, you can talk to friends who’ve had any recent experience with such products recently and ask them for recommendations.


How To Identify A Good CBD Brand In 2021

CBD products are getting popular for their alleged potential benefits associated with them. However, due to the FDA or Food and Drug Administration’s lack of standard guidelines for manufacturing and monitoring cannabinoid-based merchandise, most makers have different methods of making their products. Therefore, customers should be cautious when making a purchase because some may not be safe for use and cause severe side effects. 

Technology makes purchasing these products easier today. You’ll find online sources that review the best brands for you, according to their expertise. However, always ensure that they’re up to date because discoveries on CBD are being made daily. Also, it’d be wise not to rely on only one site. Therefore, conduct your research using several sources, then compare the findings to identify the most suitable products for your purpose. 

To ease the research process for you, here’s a list that compiles all the important factors you should be looking for in any new CBD brand in this year 2021. They include:


  • Brand Credibility


Profitability is the main goal for most firms, and some may compromise on quality and maximize quantity to increase their gains. It’s therefore essential to establish how credible a company is by first checking its site’s reliability. To do this, identify if the firm’s website is well-designed and if its content is accurate and well-written. A well-constructed site may be a clear indication of high credibility.   

To know how reliable a brand is, you can also examine what customers are saying online. A credible site will allow customer feedback. Establish if the reviews are negative or positive since most reviewers are people who’ve purchased the items and have experience using the company’s products. 

Some may also have social media platforms where you can find comments on clients’ experiences. If most of the remarks are good, then the brand may also be recommendable. If otherwise, it’s advisable to consider other merchants.

Additionally, ensure that the manufacturer has no CBD-related warning letter from the authorities. If the organization has received such documentation, the FDA advises that customers should avoid using their products. This information is readily accessible on the official FDA site. The authoritative body updates their data regularly; thus, you can see which companies are served with a warning letter from them, and the year it was issued. 

Aside from that, a good brand should have a refund policy in place. A company that guarantees your money back in case the product you purchase doesn’t please you is a welcome addition. 


  • CBD Extraction Process 


Companies that produce CBD products use different methods to manufacture their merchandise. Each process dictates the efficiency and purity of the final product. However, these techniques can vary in safety. 

In most cases, brands that use carbon dioxide or CO2 are considered the best by buyers. Though it commands a much more expensive price tag compared to other extraction methods, its end product is regarded as the best. CO2 is said to make products that are clean and safe from contamination. 

While other processes may effectively extract the CBD, they may leave chemicals and toxic solvents in the final output, which may harm the consumer’s health.


  • Reliable Third-Party Lab Results


Most credible companies offer their products to independent third-party laboratories for examination. Most of them are tested for their quality, potency, and purity. Once results are released, these firms will publish the results on their official websites. 

Therefore, consider products from companies that avail such information on their sites. Their transparency shows that you can trust their brand.


  • Company’s Customer Service


A reputable organization is mostly identified by the way they handle their clients. Good CBD brands are those that offer professional customer service and respond swiftly to inquiries. If the firm doesn’t provide good quality care, its processes may also be questionable.


  • Brand’s Source Of Hemp


CBD can be extracted from two sources. Companies manufacture their products from either cannabis or hemp plants. Cannabis plants are known to have lower CBD and a higher tetrahydrocannabinol or THC level. THC is a cannabis chemical that brings about the feeling of being ‘high.’  Due to that, some countries consider products made from cannabis illegal. On the other hand, most people are more receptive towards hemp-based products because they’re said to contain more traces of CBD and less than 0.3% THC.

CBD brands that manufacture their products using organic hemp are regarded as the best. In many cases, genetically modified or GMO products are believed to cause allergic reactions, promote the growth of cancerous cells, and cause antibacterial resistance. GMO hemp plants may have the same characteristics. Therefore, when purchasing cannabidiol items, it’s advisable to ensure that the company’s hemp is non-GMO.

It’s also recommended to check if the brand indicates where they source their hemp. Hemp can be obtained from numerous parts of the world. However, China, the United States, and Russia are believed to produce the best quality of hemp.


  • Products’ Price Offering


When purchasing most items, it’s widely known that cheaper goods and services may be of substandard quality. This factor also applies to CBD merchandise. However, this doesn’t mean that the best products must be expensive. You can find averagely priced commodities that are of good quality. 

When examining the price, consider the item’s quantity and all the five factors mentioned above to ensure that the commodities you’re buying are priced accordingly.


Purchasing CBD oil in 2021 can be an overwhelming process since countless products are available in the market. To determine the best CBD brand, check its credibility, and ensure that its website has provided third-party lab results. Knowing if a company uses the best CBD extraction methods and it manufactures its products using quality hemp from credible sources can also help. Lastly, a good CBD brand offers reliable customer service and the best prices for its products.