How To Store and Preserve Your Hemp Oil At Home

How To Store and Preserve Your Hemp Oil At Home

Storing it properly is the key to get the full benefits from your hemp oil. There is the nearly infinite shelf life of a properly made, well-preserved cannabis tincture. When left undisturbed in an ideal place, with little or no degradation, a tincture will last for years. Depending on their methods of preparation, ingredients used, intended uses, and storage conditions, hemp-infused products may have vastly different shelf lives. Infusions also require more volatile and in some situations, perishable materials that can be far more vulnerable to compromising elements. Here are a few helpful pearls of wisdom when it comes to storing infusions that can apply to most situations that will significantly enhance the longevity of your precious cannabis creations.

Ideal Conditions

As they are very sensitive to changes in temperature, oxygen, and light, oils are infamous for being prone to rancidity and degradation. In a quiet, cool pantry, just as food-grade oils should be kept, so should hemp oils. 


When kept in perfect conditions, pure hemp oil has a shelf life of around 14 months. As it has a similar shelf life, think about storing your hemp product in the same way that you store the carrier oil. Experts from Royal & Pure CBD suggested researching the production practices of the company that makes the product, as many manufacturers are happy to share the steps they take to safeguard the integrity of the oil. “Ensuring that you start with a good product will guarantee that you are set up for success. It will help preserve their freshness longer by protecting against excess heat, light, and air.”


Things to Keep in Mind

Keep Out of Direct Sunlight

Many CBD products derived from hemp come in packages that are designed to protect against light damage. Hemp oils, edibles, salves, and other items are not supposed to be exposed to direct sunlight. When placed near a sunny window, on a counter, or on a car dashboard, the CBD content will degrade. The best place to store your hemp oil and other items is in a dark, dry, and cool place. A pantry is a popular place for CBD items to be kept.

Another perfect place to store your hemp oil in the refrigerator because it is much cooler. If you want to store your hemp oil in the refrigerator and find it becomes too dense to dispense from the dropper, just run the bottle under hot water and you’re going to be good to go. Covering your CBD product with aluminum foil is another way to shield it from light degradation. Putting this oil in direct sunlight, like on a counter near a sunny window, is what you want to avoid, as doing so will cause your CBD to degrade.


Keep Away from Heat Exposure

Heat is another means of ruining your hemp oil stash, which is why you must keep your CBD items away from excessive heat exposure. The extraction method can never guarantee 100% purity, while CBD oil is a pure and organic product extracted from the hemp plant. There are minerals in the oil that can react differently to heat and affect the CBD content properties. The heat will make the oil look more buttery and muddy.

Here are ways you can keep the heat away from the hemp oil: 

  • Do not store it in cupboards near appliances that release heat. 
  • Keep away from the sun’s direct heat 
  • Never store it near the oven, stove, or range. 
  • Avoid placing it next to a window where the sun will hit it. 
  • Do not leave it in the car as it can be heated up like a big oven by the sun.

The best place to store hemp oil is in the refrigerator if you live in a humid climate, particularly if you don’t have air conditioning. While still keeping it convenient for you to use your hemp oil, you want to keep your oil in the coldest conditions you can. That is why one of the best choices is in the fridge.


Prevent Exposure to Air

Exposure to air, similar to direct light and heat, will degrade your hemp oil and dramatically decrease its effectiveness. Oxygen can change CBD oil’s chemical equilibrium, a method known as oxidative stress. To optimize potency and efficiency, manufacturers take into account the amount of exposure to heat and air when extracting and bottling hemp CBD products. 

Many hemp CBD products come in bottles or oral applicators that are airtight. They are designed specifically to minimize exposure to air. For quality assurance, try to keep your CBD product in its original bottle. Be sure to put the cap back on with a tight seal after opening, to prolong the shelf life of the product. Make sure the new container is suitable for long-term storage if you need to transfer your CBD product.


Maximum Longevity

If you have bought a high-quality product and followed all of the best practices for storing hemp oil, you should expect a quality product for around 14 months. As the concentrate degrades and the substance loses its potency, three clear warning signs can be noted:

  • A change of smell. As the scent becomes intense and unpleasant, this is also the first change that users can experience. 
  • Color Change. It’s going to darken the oil and will become cloudy. 
  • Changes in the effects. If the effects of hemp oil are no longer the same or if you need a higher dose to achieve the same result, the product might be past its peak.

If you note some combination of the signs above, it’s time to replace them.

When exposed to light, heat, or air, cannabinoids will degrade whether you put hemp oil under your tongue, vaporize it, cook with it, rub it on your face, or pop a pill or edible. Ensuring that all three of these components are well monitored is the safest way to keep any CBD-infused product fresh and protected. In a location with a stable temperature and away from intense light, heat, or moisture, store your CBD bottle in an upright position. Pantry, lower cabinet, refrigerator, freeze drier, cellar, and basement are the best places to store your CBD tincture products. Hopefully, you find this article helpful about the best way to store your hemp oil at home.