PHCG Launches New CBD Products Geared Towards Pets

PHCG Launches New CBD Products Geared Towards Pets

The CBD market has grown and expanded so much in recent years that it seems like there is a product for every possible occasion. Whether you’re hunting for something to help with anxiety, to improve your skin condition or to reduce your stress, there’s bound to be a CBD product on the market that works for you.

Even with the strange circumstances that 2020 has bought on, the CBD and cannabis industries are still managing to put out new products and content for people to enjoy. One of our main goals as a magazine is to make sure that our audience is kept up to date with the latest products, and today, we’ve got a fantastic piece of news for you to read about.

If you’re a fan of CBD, you may have heard of Pure Harvest Cannabis Group already. As noted by Bloomberg, Pure Harvest Cannabis Group is a medical cannabis organization. They’ve made a name for themselves in the cannabis world by producing innovative, top quality products- and their most recent piece of news is fascinating.

As reported in this handy article, Pure Cannabis Harvest Group has just launched a company called Wild Pet Blends. Wild Pet Blends specializes in full-spectrum hemp and CBD products, covering everything from chews to pet supplements. They’re aimed at producing a fully holistic way of caring for your pets with natural, organic ingredients.

This new company is being aggressively marketed, and the team is working hard to make sure that as many people as possible know about the products. They’re sure to see great success in 2020, even with the current lockdown situation. Pure Cannabis Harvest Group saw incredible growth in a short amount of time, and it’s likely that the new company will see this as well.

After all, there’s never been a better time than now to get involved with CBD.

If you’ve been on social media lately, you’re bound to have seen CBD and hemp products being promoted by influencers. It’s fair to say that CBD has had somewhat of a renaissance in recent years, with more and more people starting to incorporate it into their daily routines.

Moreover, the pet CBD market, in particular, is set to grow enormously in the next couple of years. Plenty of pet owners all around the world are realizing the benefits of giving their pets CBD infused products and supplements. CBD companies who are not offering pet-related products are going to feel the impact as time goes on.

If you’re unfamiliar with CBD being used for animals, it’s worth looking into it. If you have a pet in your life that struggles with anxiety, chronic pain, or health conditions, CBD related products could be great for you. Of course, there is still a lot of research being done into the long term effects, but many pet owners are finding great success with it around the world.

The most common CBD pet products that you’re likely to find online include chews and treats, oils and tinctures, and balms. There are plenty of others, and more specialized items (specifically for pets with arthritis, for example) available as well. Before you purchase an item, shop around to see what different options are available to you.

If you’re new to pet CBD, we would suggest consulting your vet or animal care professional before starting with it. This is to make sure that CBD won’t conflict with any existing medications or health conditions that your pet might have. This may be easier said than done, though, as some animal care professionals can’t discuss CBD with their clients, as noted here.

Overall, we’re incredibly excited about the potential that Wild Pet Blends has. Pure Harvest Cannabis Group have made a fantastic impression on our team, and we’re sure that 2020 is going to be a great year for their new business venture.

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