Does CBD Show Up In A Urine Test?

Does CBD Show Up In A Urine Test?

Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, is increasingly used to treat or manage various health conditions, including anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, and psychotic disorders like schizophrenia. Many people also use CBD as a recreational product. CBD is a chemical found in the cannabis plant, so it’s considered a natural remedy.

CBD’s growing popularity has led to it being embraced and legalized even in some conservative nations. Therefore, today, CBD is readily available in different forms than some time ago. It’s easy to find CBD oils, edibles, tea, coffee, candies, and syrups sold in established businesses near you. 

Getting A Drug Test?

Given the ease of accessing CBD products, more people are consuming them for medicinal or recreational purposes. However, consuming your favorite CBD product can be why you miss out on a coveted career opportunity because most institutions require that candidates take a drug test.

Now, if you’re a regular CBD user undergoing a job or college interview, should you fail to show up for the drug test to spare yourself a failed result, or do you go ahead and hope that all will be well? The answer? Show up with some fake pee. Urine is the most effective way of testing for drugs, so you can be sure they’ll ask for a urine sample.

Synthetic urine allows you to give a urine sample that’s CBD-free, and different companies are producing it, including Official Quick Fix Synthetic Urine.

Before discussing synthetic urine, let’s briefly examine how CBD and other substances can result in a failed drug test.

How Does The Body Process CBD?

How CBD gets absorbed by your body mostly depends on how you consume it. The most common ways of consuming CBD include ingestion, inhalation, or topical application. CBD is also consumed sublingually by placing it under the tongue where there are small salivary glands and allowing it to dissolve.

If CBD is ingested, it gets absorbed by the digestive system before undergoing a metabolic process in the liver. Once metabolized, it releases a chemical substance that gets into the bloodstream. However, there are instances when most of the ingested CBD doesn’t metabolize in the liver, owing to a phenomenon called the first-pass effect. When this happens, CBD is metabolized within the digestive system before it even gets to the liver.   

When CBD is inhaled or vaped, it immediately goes into the lungs courtesy of tiny air sacs whose scientific name is alveoli. Once in the lungs, it bypasses the digestive system and the lungs and directly diffuses into the bloodstream. CBD consumed through the sublingual method also gets to the bloodstream directly. The topical application of CBD oils is the only method of consuming CBD without it getting into the bloodstream.  

When CBD Gets Into Your Bloodstream

Most CBD molecules find their way into the bloodstream whenever it bypasses the digestive system and the liver. And when your kidneys kick in to purify your blood through filtration, all unwanted substances become urine.

Although CBD is now legalized in many states, we can assume we’re still not at liberty to use it the way we want if minimal traces in our bodies result in missed opportunities. THC is often the culprit behind failed drug tests.

THC is found in all full-spectrum CBD products except oils. Since THC is fat-soluble, it only enters your bloodstream a few days after digestion, showing substantial THC levels amongst users of full-spectrum CBD products. As drug tests become more sensitive and commonplace, you can detect even small traces of THC from a single-use in urine tests.   

When the organization requesting a drug test demands zero CBD content in your urine sample, the slightest trace of it means a failed job interview, college admission, or chance to join an elite sports team. At this point, the CBD you might have consumed to give you some good sleep becomes the source of numerous sleepless nights. But this doesn’t have to be the case.   

Why Synthetic Urine?

Synthetic urine is laboratory-manufactured urine that mimics real human urine in appearance, chemical composition, and properties such as pH level, color, smell, and gravity. Synthetic urine is manufactured using artificial urea and is usually in liquid solution and packaged in different sizes. However, to fully mimic human urine, fake pee must undergo complex processes that include blending it with creatine, protein color, and uric acid. Some foam is also included to enhance an authentic look.   

Fake urine is an effective way to prevent a failed drug test that can cost you the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you’re close to clinching. When you think about it, sometimes you can also fail a drug test because of nicotine inhaled over a week ago, which shows up in your urine sample. If you’re a big fan of recreational substances, you can still advance into the future you dream of, even when part of the interview process requires submitting a urine sample for a drug test.  

Using Fake Urine

After purchasing your synthetic urine kit, you’ll need to heat it to the required temperature. It’s important to note that drug testing laboratories are required only to accept urine between 90℉ and 100℉.

Therefore, you should only prepare your fake urine sample on the day you’re taking a test, and you can either heat it in the microwave or use a heating pad. If heating in the microwave, 10 seconds will be enough, while you’ll need 45 minutes when using a heating pad. Your goal is to attain a temperature that’s between 90℉ and 100℉.

Once you have the required temperature, keep it within that range by discreetly wearing it against your skin. Some synthetic urine suppliers provide a synthetic urine belt that allows you to conceal your fake urine sample effectively. Next, find your way to the testing laboratory. Submit your sample, and calmly wait for them to return a drug-free result.  

In Conclusion

You don’t have to miss out on a career opportunity or college admission simply because of indulging in CBD or other substances, like alcohol, that may appear in a urine drug test. Since urine tests detect even small traces of various chemical compounds found in recreational or medical products, a synthetic urine solution makes it possible to pass your drug test.  

You can easily buy synthetic urine from a local store near you. Where none is available within your neighborhood, you can make an online purchase and have it delivered directly to you. Ensure that you only source synthetic urine from an official and legitimate distributor, and eliminate any chances of a failed drug test.