How To Properly Grow Cannabis Plants Indoor

How To Properly Grow Cannabis Plants Indoor

When it comes to growing cannabis plants indoors, one of the biggest roadblocks you’ll probably face is getting started.

First and foremost, you need to find the ideal place to properly cultivate such plants and get appropriate growing equipment. Then, you have to purchase cannabis seeds, allocate sufficient time for maintenance, and check your crop as well as preventing mould. Before getting started, you should also know the laws and regulations about growing cannabis plants indoors. 

If you want to know more about the proper way of growing cannabis plants, read below.


Choose The Most Suitable Space Or Grow Room

One of the first ways to properly grow cannabis plants indoors is by choosing the most suitable space or grow room. Depending on your preferences, it can be a cabinet, closet, tent, a corner, or a spare room. Just remember that you’ll have to tailor your plants and equipment to fit the space.

When you start designing your space, you’ll have to consider not just the amount of room your plants will require, but also your ducting system, fans, lights, and some equipment. You’ll also need to leave enough room for you to move around. 

Cannabis plants may double in size, most especially in the early flowering stages, so ensure that you have enough headspace.

Pick Your Preferred Strain

Before growing cannabis plants, another thing you should take into consideration is the strain. You have to remember that every plant is different and requires varying growing environments.

For instance, Sativa plants grow tall and give off small buds during harvest time. Cookie cannabis and Kushes strains, on the other hand, give flat buds and tend to be bushier. These types of plants would require their own nutrition, growing environments, and training methods to provide the yield you want.

So, it’s important to research the strains you prefer before growing cannabis. Also, pick the one that would best suit you and your growing environment.

Choose Between Seeds And Clones

If you want to grow cannabis plants in an old fashion way, you may get started with seeds. In fact, it’s perfect for first-timers as it can make you a better grower once you understand how it’s done in a natural way.

On the contrary, clones may get you up and running fast. This is the reason why most growers choose clones over seeds. It’s because while seeds provide a stronger plant, they can never tell you the gender of the plant until it’s too late. Aside from that, with clones, you don’t have to pop seeds and waste them. For instance, if you pop the seeds the wrong way, they won’t grow or you might get a plant that you weren’t searching for.

Choose Your Medium

Once you’ve chosen your preferred strain, you now need to choose the medium to grow your plants. Your medium may determine the nutrients you should use, what kind of nutrients to use, and how you should feed your plants.

Basically, there are several mediums you can choose from, including the following:


  • Soil – It’s an all-purpose medium that doesn’t require much supplemental nutrition since it’s already packed with nutrients. Once you mix up your soil, you may get rid of the majority of your supplemental nutrition and you only need to use water for your plant’s life.




  • Hydroponics – This medium is a soil-less and all-water way of growing cannabis. It’s messier than dirt, but once you encounter problems on nutrients, they’re much faster and easier to fix. Moreover, it takes less time to harvest hydroponic-grown plants.




  • Coco – It’s a perfect middle ground between soil and hydroponic mediums. Even if there’s no nutritional value to coco, like with soil, the nutrition it gets tends to hold in longer compared to hydroponics. This means that you don’t need to run more water as you would do in hydroponics, but you can be assured that your plants will get nutrition from the start.



Choose The Right Container

Once you decide to go with nutrient-rich soil that comes with pots, you won’t need to find containers. You may also grow plants out of a bucket or another household container. But, take note that cannabis plants don’t want waterlogged conditions. So, ensure that you perforate the bucket’s bottom so the water may drain as required. There are also other great pre-filled soil kits designed for better airflow.

Use The Best Cannabis Grow Lights

The light source you use in your grow room may play an important role in determining your plant’s quality. So, it’s wise to invest in a good lighting setup because it’s worth it in the long run.

At present, there are different types of grow lights you can use for cannabis plants, including LED grow lights, induction grow lights, HID grow lights, and fluorescent grow lights.

LED grow lights are the most efficient lights for indoor growing, but they can be expensive. Induction grow lights, on contrary, represent decent value in terms of efficiency and cost, while HID grow lights are ideal for DIY-style growing because they’re easy to operate. Among these, fluorescent grow lights are much easier and cheaper to use as well as suited for long-term operations.

Get Climate Control Equipment

To ensure that your grow room has a perfect growing condition, you should have climate control equipment. Air is important for cannabis plants, but you need equipment to control temperature, lights, carbon dioxide levels, and humidity. Having one will allow you to have the best yield you want and avoid any growing concerns like too much moisture.

Proper Watering

Any water may be fine to use when watering your cannabis plants. However, some water may contain a big amount of dissolved minerals that may build up in the root zone, which could have an impact on nutrient uptake. It may also contain fungus or some pathogens that aren’t dangerous to people but may result in root disease.

Moreover, some areas may have a high level of chlorine in the water, which may affect your soil microbes. Because of such reasons, filtering the water for your cannabis plants may come in handy. But try not to overwater your plants because they’re susceptible to fungal root diseases once conditions are very wet.

When you cultivate your own cannabis, how often you water your plants may depend on the size of your plants, medium you use, and temperature.

Bottom Line

As you gain knowledge and experience, you’ll alter your equipment and grow room to better fit your growing techniques, environment, and certain strains you grow. However, make sure to keep those above tips in mind so you can get started on the right foot and avoid wasting time and money in the long run. Especially nowadays when demand for cannabis is at an all time high

Also, you should remember that growing cannabis plants is a labor of love, so spend a lot of time and put extra effort when taking care of your plants.